Cindi Lux Wins From Class Pole Position at Brainerd Raceway

Brainerd, Minnesota, July 6, 2015 – Lux Performance Group came into Sunday’s “Ryan Companies Independence Day Classic” sports car race looking for a little luck. The Aloha, Oregon-based professional race preparation and engineering group found just what it was looking for at Brainerd International Raceway (BIR) as lead driver Cindi Lux (Aloha, Oregon) drove from the Trans Am Series’ TA3i class pole position to victory lane! Showing the overall team effort, trailing just off the rear-wing of Lux’s No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACR-X in both qualifying and the 100-mile race was Sherwood, Oregon’s Steve Streimer in the No. 42 Lux entry. It was the first one-two finish for the team this season. Lux Performance, once a regular on the main stages of professional sports car racing, returned to the national scene for a limited number of races this year in anticipation of a full-season, championship attack in 2016.

For Streimer, it was his second trip to the Trans Am class podium having won his debut at Homestead-Miami Speedway (HMS) early in the season. For Lux, the 12-time road racing champion, the drought has been longer. With only a handful of races on the schedule to begin with, Lux was forced to miss the HMS-race with a torn meniscus in her left knee. The following race, an extremely rare engine issue caused her to miss taking the green flag at Lime Rock Park on Memorial Day weekend. However, Independence Day weekend and the classic Minnesota track seemed to be the perfect match for breaking away from the cloud that had hovered over her.

From the opening test session on Friday, July 3, the Fred Lux-led program had the 2.5-mile, 12-turn BIR facility well sorted. The pair of V10-powered, American-built supercars were at the top of the speed charts each day including taking both spots on the front row of the class grid in Saturday qualifying. The race itself was more of the same as Lux took the early lead but Streimer brought the red No. 42 around the black 45 in the opening minutes. That order did not hold long before Lux retook the top spot and maintained it for the remainder of the 40-lap race.

CBS Sports Network will broadcast the Lux-Streimer, one-two finish on Saturday, July 25 at Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Fred Lux, Lux Performance Group Team Principal: “Brainerd is crazy and its party animal race fans are a very close second to Sebring’s. These people know how to celebrate the July Fourth holiday! We worked very hard at finding speed that would endure the hot and slippery track for 75-minute race. That was our main focus all weekend and it paid off for both cars.”

Cindi Lux: “When you run the three classes together, it is survival! You have to be methodical and smart. There is a lot of racecraft here. I really enjoy that. It brings it back to the people… the crew did an incredible job all weekend! Absolutely amazing! This is one of those races where I feel really good about my driving. Brainerd is a fantastic place to race! Heck, it’s just a fantastic place to come and hang out! It was nuts with the fans. I’m impressed. I can’t wait to get back!”

Lux Performance Travels to Minnesota Looking For “Lady Luck”

Brainerd, Minnesota, June 29 2015 – Lady Luck can be a fickle mistress. She often forces you to chase her to new locations in pursuit of reward. That is the case for the Lux Performance Group as the two-car Trans Am effort travels to Brainerd, Minnesota for the Sunday, July 5th 100-mile “Ryan Companies Independence Day Classic” race. The Aloha, Oregon-based race prep shop opened its short, “getting re-acquainted” season with a victory at Homestead-Miami Speedway in March. However, since that time, the team’s “Return to the Road Tour”, starring Cindi Lux (Aloha, Oregon) in the No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACR-X and Steve Streimer (Sherwood, Oregon) behind the wheel of the No. 42 Viper, has fallen on some hard times. They are looking for the July 4-5, Trans Am Championship stop at Brainerd International Raceway (BIR) to return to good favor with “Miss Luck”.

Surprisingly, team leader Cindi Lux will be visiting the track for the first time. It is strange for the 12-time road racing champion to have not competed at a track before. Learning the new track is the first, and quickly tamed, issue. Finding the final tenths of a second to play with the “big boys” in the championship who are familiar with the venue is harder feat.

The ultra-prepared and professional team headed by Fred Lux (Aloha, Oregon) does not usually suffer from a bout of bad luck. However, upon returning to national competition with an eye towards a full Trans Am championship run in 2016, the team’s Vipers seem to be snake-bit. Since that HMS victory neither Lux nor Streimer – who scored the debut TA3i class race victory in the No. 42 – has seen the podium. The trial has been even harder on Lux herself who missed the team’s Florida season-opener with a torn meniscus in her left knee. Rehab returned her for race two at Lime Rock but a rare engine problem kept her out of the feature. In the team’s SCCA “June Sprints” weekend at Road America two weeks ago, Streimer took an impressive top-five but Lux had the same dark cloud floated above her and did not finish the race.

Coming to the 2.5-mile, 12-turn BIR facility is a shot at redemption. Trans Am has a long history at Brainerd and, despite the fact that the Northwest-based team is new to the series and seeing the track for the first time, Lux Performance hopes to draw from that tradition on America’s Independence Day weekend. If it can, it will be doing so in front of a nationwide audience. The race will be broadcast on the CBS Sports Network, Saturday, July 25, Noon Eastern Standard Time.


Fred Lux, Lux Performance Group Team Principal: “It will be interesting to come back to Brainerd, I haven’t been here in 28 years. Things have come a long way since I worked for Team Mitsubishi and raced the SCCA Coors Racetruck Challenge series back in 1987. It will be neat to see all the upgrades to the facility. I know these Dodge Vipers are going to spank those old stock trucks we raced here in the ‘80s.”

Cindi Lux: “I need to find out where Lady Luck is hiding and get to the bottom of why she is pissed off at me this year! Most folks call this kind of year ‘character building’ but I think this will show others we never give up. I have the best equipment and car prep in the industry so it’s my job to do the rest on the track. I just need to lose this silly black cloud that seems to be following me this year. On the light side of things, I am still carrying my rookie status going into Brainerd this week which is fun. I kind of dig older, bumpy tracks that have a lot of personality. It will also be fun to see how quickly Steve adapts to this old style racetrack too. ”

Steve Streimer: “Having never been to Brainerd, I am not sure what to expect. Now, when I think Brainerd, I think ice fishing, Paul Bunyan, minus 40-degree temperatures and of course the Minnesotan dialect. I’m pretty sure in the future when I think of Brainerd I’ll think of racing the number 42 Viper! Am I ready for this race? You betcha!”

Cindi Back Behind the Wheel After Intensive Knee Rehab

 Lime Rock, Connecticut, May 18, 2015 – The Memorial Day weekend is one to honor those men and women who have fallen to protect this great country. Since the holiday’s inception following World War I, it has also become synonymous with speed. Indy car fans have the Indianapolis 500, stock car fans have NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte and sports car fans have Lime Rock Park. This weekend Lux Performance Group will join that tradition of professional sports car racing on the Lakeville, Connecticut road course by entering two American drivers in a pair of America’s supercar, the Dodge Viper ACR-X for America’s oldest road racing series, Trans Am – billed as “America’s Road Racing Series”. The May 23 race, the second of the Oregon-based team’s 2015 “Return to the Road Tour”, features Cindi Lux (Aloha, Oregon) in the No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACR-X and Steve Streimer (Sherwood, Oregon) piloting the No. 42 Viper.

At only 1.5-miles and seven-turns, Lime Rock Park may not be the most complex race circuit, the most technically challenging or even the most physically demanding, but it’s intense. INTENSE! Lux and Streimer will have their work cut out for them. The Lime Rock track is tight. It is the closest thing to a Saturday night short track “bull ring” that sports car racers get in this country. A lap is blindingly quick and the seven-turns come neatly packed into the back section of the track with the speed coming from the long pit lane straightaway. It requires significant mental focus over the course of Saturday afternoon’s 75-minute/67-lap, Next Dimension 100. Any let down of mental attention in the field of 25 TA/TA3 class cars could result in a lost position… or worse. For both Lux and Streimer, this will be the first visit to the Northeast’s historic track. Both have been heavily involved in learning the ins-and-outs as best they can through simulators, online video and conversation with other drivers.

For 12-time road racing champion Cindi Lux, the trip to Lime Rock also carries the weight of her first time competitively in a racecar since 2014. The former Dodge/Mopar and SRT factory driver was ready to join her teammate/student Streimer at the team’s season-opener in Homestead-Miami earlier this year when she tore the meniscus in her left knee. Extensive rehab – every day for over four hours a day – resulted in her return for this weekend’s race. No easy task and one that has impressed her doctors and trainers. The return shows Lux’s passionate desire to compete.

For Streimer, the rookie driver making his first foray into professional motorsports this year, the weekend is an exciting to return as well. In his Trans Am debut at Homestead, he took the Lux Performance-prepped No. 42 to the TA3i class race victory. The strong performance came with heavy team support, the engineering expertise of veteran Fred Lux and over the phone coaching from Cindi. Streimer drove masterfully to capture the team’s first Trans Am victory in its first attempt.

CBS Sports Network will broadcast the Next Dimension 100 at Lime Rock Park on Saturday, June 6, beginning at Noon, Eastern Time. Live timing and scoring is available at


Fred Lux, Lux Performance Group Team Principal: “I haven’t been to Lime Rock in probably twenty years so it’ll be like going for the first time for me. Neither of our drivers has ever even set foot in the place so we’ll have our hands full with a couple of rookies. This track reminds me of an old school, bullring style of racing. Really, Bristol is the Lime Rock of stock car racing. It’s a balance of being aggressive but also showing patience and maturity as well. Can that happen with a couple of first-timers?”

Cindi Lux:
About racing at Lime Rock: “I can’t think of a better way to spend Memorial Day Weekend than racing in one of the oldest and longest-standing series in this great country at a track in one of the original 13 states. Just toss in the smell of brake pads, sounds of a V10 American-built motor and a hotdog and life will be great. That’s All-American!”

About knee rehab: “It’s been a long few weeks. I am certainly ready to jump in the Viper and see what happens. I had to find a balance of not over working the leg in therapy and being a slacker at the gym! It’s a tough thing to do when you want to do everything you can to get back in the racecar but everything I could do also meant not destroying the knee.”

Cindi Lux Forced To Take A Knee

Homestead, Florida, April 8, 2015 – Anyone that knows Cindi Lux knows that it would be easier to stop a Dodge Viper ACR-X with a pretty smile than it would be to keep the 12-time road racing champion out of a racecar. However, this morning, the Aloha, Oregon-based professional race driver is being forced to announce her withdrawal from Sunday’s 100-mile Trans Am Championship race at Homestead-Miami Speedway (HMS). Lux was scheduled to debut the black No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACR-X in the race but a knee injury sustained late last month manifested itself on Monday requiring emergency medical attention and forcing Lux to forgo the trip east as well as her series and track debut this weekend.

The extent of and strategy to repair Lux’s injury is still being assessed. However, doctors warned any use of the injured knee would lead to further aggravation and an even more elongated recovery period. Therefore, Lux will begin an intense physical rehabilitation program, which it is hoped will shorten her time out of the car significantly. But surgery is still an option being considered. The change of plans will in no way impact team driver Steve Streimer’s participation in the race driving the No. 42 Lux Performance Group Viper ACR-X.

More details of Lux’s progress as well as plans for her return to the cockpit will be announced as information becomes available.

Cindi Lux: “I am just heartbroken! My disappointment is beyond description. We had been targeting this weekend for more than six months. Everyone in the Lux Performance Group was ready to race. Unfortunately, my knee decided to alter our plans some. I know the team’s on-track performance is in good hands with Steve (Streimer) and the crew is the best in the paddock. I’ll be rooting for the Lux Performance guys to go out and kick butt down in Homestead while I am back here sitting on mine in Oregon! I’ll be back soon, I can promise you that!”

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