Lux Champions Move to Green Technologies

Aloha, OR, March 9, 2011 - Nationally acclaimed racecar driver, automobile educator and team  manager, Cindi Lux, has added yet another accreditation to her vast automotive resume  - that of automotive industry leader in green technology. The Aloha, OR-resident is not an engineer, though her mind can trace through and explain the smallest change to a car. She is not a media relations’ specialist, although she is sought-after by automobile manufacturers to introduce new products to the media. In recent years, this 12-time road racing champion has begun to center those speeches and her automotive mind to the “greening” of the automobile. With gas prices being at all time high record for March; Lux is among the leaders in a growing group of automotive traditionalists championing the charge to a “greener” automotive landscape.

Cindi Lux’s expertise is derived from a lifetime in the automotive industry. Her industry appeal comes from the fact that women, more than ever before, have been in the driver’s seat - now responsible for more than 65% of all automotive servicing, 60% of all new automotive purchases, while influencing more than 80% of car new and used car purchases.

“Women see their automobiles as an extension of their family,” said Lux. “Therefore, they are apt to spend more time researching new vehicle features or ensuring that their current vehicle is mechanically sound and more energy efficient.”

Make no mistake that Lux is a tried-and-true performance car enthusiast. She is also a realist who sees not only the benefits but also the need of environmentally friendly automobiles which makes her in high demand by the automotive industry. Some would argue this is an impossible equation to balance but, after years of experience, the native of the Northwest has no desire or sees any reason that “green” must be bland and uninspiring to drive. Not only does “going green” protect our environment but the resulting performance excites Lux’s championship-winning race driver soul.

Lux’s family-owned Hahn Automotive Group in Yakima Washington has roots dating back decades in the local car dealership business. Today, the dealerships have embraced and champion the “green” movement. She is now in constant demand as a key-note speaker, motivating and inspiring groups on a variety of topics.  This 12-time road racing champion focuses her addresses on the “greening” of the automotive industry. She is among the leaders in a growing group of driving purists eager to prove “green” driving can be satisfying and exciting.

Lux’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. She was recently acknowledged by both Oregon United State’s Senators Merkley and Wyden who wrote her stating: “We applaud your leadership in working to elevate public awareness of alternative fuels and energy.”

“Going green and going fast are not incompatible ideas”, enthused Lux. “One only has to look at the developing technologies from all electric and hybrid manufacturers. People can see how it’s a trickle-down effect from the race track by watching an American Le Mans Series race and seeing all the alternative fuels and technologies being pioneered there. We can go racing with these advanced technologies which has very positive end result to the average consumer on the street.”

For over ten years, Lux has been a highly sought-after presenter and program manager for new product and media launches in the automotive industry. In the past, she has assisted automobile manufacturers premiere to the media new automotive platforms around the globe. As a former factory driver for both Chrysler’s Dodge and Mopar brands, Lux helped develop and prove equipment now found on the street. Currently, this winner of over 75 races is helping Lexus put on display its hybrid technologies and assisting the United State’s first premium, all-electric sports sedan, the Fisker Karma, tell its tale. Lux sees every reason that the “green” movement can lead to the next wave of muscle cars.

“When I drive new automobile technologies today, out on the test track and in front of the media, it gives me a perfect view of what consumers can expect to see soon in their showrooms,” continued Lux. “From where I sit that view is very exciting and promising. Green technologies and developments are here to stay, they are exhilarating to experience and will play a big part in our future.”