Cindi Lux - Professional Racing Coach

Cindi Lux has been providing coaching to all types of drivers for over 25 years.  As the past Director of the Ford Performance Racing School in Salt Lake City for 6 years, she loves helping people in their driving careers.  Alongside her driving duties, Cindi provides one-on-one coaching and private instruction to drivers of all skill levels.  She enjoys sharing all the knowledge and experience she has gained throughout her motorsports endeavors, and truly enjoys teaching.  Whether you're interested in getting the extra-competitive edge on your competition, or just learning the basics of performance driving, Cindi can guide the way.  Even the casual weekend warrior at the club level can always use a tune-up, regardless of how many years you have been driving.

A day will typically start with a drive around the track in a street vehicle if allowed, or a detailed review of the track map and video.  Next the driver will run the car and get a feel for the car and track, followed by a detailed analysis of the session.  Areas of concern will be identified and then Cindi will set goals for the next session.  This process will repeat itself throughout the day and all the while Cindi will be there to share the experience and offer guidance.

Prices vary depending on location and travel expenses, and can be split by as many as 3 drivers.  Discounts are available for multi-day events over 2 days.  Events where open passing is allowed and the other drivers are of a similar experience level work ideal.

Cindi is also available for consulting services in the many areas of motorsports: Media, Public Relations, Career Planning, Team Startup and Development, Sponsorship Relations, Even Coordination, Data Acquisition and Test Driving.

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