Looking Back at 2010 Rose Cup Races

When you mix Vipers, family, friends, great weather and the 50th Annual Rose Cup Races at Portland what can be a better recipe for a grand race.  There was so much hype and anticipation of the race weekend's celebration that it totally exceeded my expectations. 

Driving the new Viper ACR-X race car was just icing on the cake for this race.  Dodge Motorsports was kind enough to ship us a couple of new race cars to showcase to the Portland fans.

We decided to run the ACR-X in the main Rose Cup event.  But we knew going into this race we were certainly out gunned when it came to raw horsepower.  Now... Does the term "bringing a dull butter knife to a gun fight" mean anything to you? Well the 4 times more expensive cars with 300+ more hp certainly made it tricky to keep up.  But the new Viper certainly held its own on track even with these disadvantages.  The new Viper was flawless during the race and certainly turned a lot of heads.  Fans and fellow racers were awed at the breathtaking performance of the new ACR-X Viper.  The car ran like a champ.  We qualified 9th out of 28 cars.

Having the majority of my family at this race made it event more special. It truly was a tribute to my father to what he started in the world of racing in my family back in the 50's and 60's.  Racing has always been important aspect in our family but it never consumed us.  Even some of Fred's family came out west to help join in the celebration.

We had a strong showing and the race weekend was a huge success.  I am super jazzed on how things ended up but that is all due to the incredible support system of people who surround me.  I just can't thank everybody involved in our program that put in long hours.

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