Lux Performance Crew

The success we have on the track is a direct result of the tireless, selfless work of our entire crew and their amazing efforts.

Fred Lux

Name: Fred Lux
Hometown: Aloha, OR
Responsibilities: Team Owner

Fred has created some legendary motorized vehicles.  They come with names like The Crippler, a 40mph, battery-operated 3-wheel scooter with a wheelie bar.  Or the Big Wheel, a 3-wheel, gas-powered drifter throwback to the 70s-era kid's pedal car.

He's also been constructing and preparing race cars since 1984.  From the Mitsubishi factory team to Team Mopar, Fred has built consistent race front-runners.  He's a master when it comes to fabricating parts and engineering solutions to build safe, fast cars.  He has prepared racers for SCCA Escort Endurance, IMSA Firehawk, IMSA RS, SCCA World Challenge, SCORE Off-Road, SCCA Truck Series, and Pikes Peak Hill Cimb.


JR King


Name: JR King
Hometown: Maple Valley, WA
Crewmember Since: 2016
Responsibilities: Race Car Mechanic

He likes being on the team, picking up new experiences in the shop, at the track and on the road.  The team is always powering through challenges, and makes sure to have a good time along the way.

Proudest moment with the team: overcoming the challenges from planning to completion of the 2020 endurance race.

Jeremy Keeley

Name: Jeremy Keeley
Hometown: Kirkland, WA
Crewmember Since: 2022
Responsibilities: Tire / Fuel Specialist

Jeremy has been a gearhead all his life. He comes from the world of Drifting.  He is always the first person to jump in on a project.  He feels working with Lux Performance allows him to fulfill a lifelong goal of living, laughing but also doing what he loves.  His favorite ice cream….. Ben and Jerry’s half baked.

Most Memorable Moment: The realization of using particular, very specialized tool on a racecar that had been inside of corpses for embalming. He is learning the world of creativity and thinking outside the box from his boss Fred Lux. 

Maureen Everett

Name: Maureen Everett
Hometown: Marble Falls, TX
Crewmember Since: 2010
Responsibilities: Logistics and Communications

Maureen takes care of all the airline, hotel, team hospitality and problem-solving for the team and clients. We call her the Team Mom, as she is a true wizard of herding all the cats on the team when it comes to travel.

Most Memorable Moment: Learning how to fly on the trapeze for a team building exercise, and "watching Fred fly and then hit the net was priceless!" 

Spare Time: In her spare time, she likes free climbing and waterfall kayaking! If she had a career change, she would love to tame lions!

Matt Fitzgerald

Name: Matt Fitzgerald
Hometown: Suburbs of Seattle WA (because downtown is just weird)
Crewmember Since: 2014
Responsibilities: Lead Technician

It's all about the competition and camaraderie.  In the paddock everyone is open to helping their competitors.  Anything from loaning tools or parts to physically working on each others cars.  All for the opportunity to beat them on the race track.  A friend once told me your first competitor is your team mate.  Wish no one ill fate, beat them fair and square.

Most memorable moment: Smoking the front tires off of an Impala in the parking lot of a hotel in Sonoma.  Pretty impressive for a front wheel drive V6 with a car load of crew guys.

Andy Frezza

Name: Andy Frezza
Hometown: Portland, OR
Crewmember Since: We can't remember, but we'll call it 2012
Responsibilities: Marketing and Social Media

Andy grew up at Portland International Raceway and Woodburn Dragstrip watching his dad race Ford Mustangs faster than the pro drivers.  His dad inspired him and taught him how to wrench just enough to be dangerous.  Andy loves the comaraderie racers have for each other and there's no better feeling than heading out to the track on a sunny, foggy or even rain-soaked morning!

Andy's most memorable moment is every moment he gets to spend with the team out at the track during their downtime.  The group of bright and hilarious men and women that Cindi and Fred put together is truly legendary.  Their car is always ready to go no matter what the situation and the crew loves what they do.  We think he may have taken one wrench too many to the head.



Chris Cox

Name: Chris Cox
Hometown: Lakewood, OH
Crewmember Since: 2007
Responsibilities: Mechanic

Chris joined the team because his parole officer considers it community service. Oh, and he loves racing.

His most memorable moment was when he won a go-cart race amongst other crew members. It's all about bragging rights, he says!

Jean-Pierre Marais

Name: Jean-Pierre Marais (JP)
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Crewmember Since: 2011
Responsibilities: Mechanic

JP comes from ALMS and enjoys working with Lux Performance because they are a “well oiled” machine. He feels that Fred and Cindi have so much experience which they gladly share with the rest of team in a positive manner. Part of the traveling road show with the team for the Dodge Viper Cup Program and also the history buff of “Jacko” the team mascot. JP brings a lot of endurance experience and depth to the team. And nobody talks faster than JP.

My most memorable part of this team has been the introduction to The Crippler….I need to say no more?

Matt Hinkley

Name: Matt Hinkley
Hometown: Portland, OR
Crewmember Since: 2007
Responsibilities: Lead Shop Mechanic

The reason Matt's on this team is because he finds it rare to do interesting things with good people. Or is that do good things with interesting people?

He doesn't yet have a most memorable moment, but is amazed by the level of expertise and

Keith Watson

Name: Keith Watson
Hometown: Wilsonville, OR
Crewmember Since: 1997
Responsibilities: Data Systems

Keith loves being involved in racing, especially with a team that has a fun, competitive attitude.

Keith's favorite team moment is every time the team goes to the track. Each time it's a new challenge and memorable. He was also instrumental in helping Cindi win the ALMS Women's Global GT Series Championship in 1999.

Jeff Boerio

Name: Jeff Boerio
Hometown: Newberg, OR
Crewmember Since: 2005
Responsibilities: Team Photographer, Social Media

Because one of his industry friends suggested he should develop his motorsports photography skills, he answered a call from Cindi to come out and take some photos.

No one wants him turning a wrench, and the hardest part of his job starts when the rest of the crew is tucked away in bed at night. His most memorable moment was dangling over the edge of a pickup truck on the back straight of PIR taking some rolling photographs of two Vipers while being held in the truck by only his belt. And he loves the challenge that follows Cindi's statements, "Hey buddy, can you do ...."

Robert Montano

Name: Robert Montano
Hometown: Portland, OR
Crewmember Since: 2009
Responsibilities: Mechanic

When Robert joined the team he quickly learned the tricky balance of fun and a strong work  ethic within the business. He is a “‘Jack of all trades and a master of none.”  This is Roberts first involvement into motorsports as a team member, and he is the first one to jump and offer his assistance when work needs to be done. Robert is pretty famous around the shop for his fan favorite driving style in a Chump Car race in Portland.  Robert was a member of the traveling team in 2010 with the inaugural Dodge Viper Cup Celebrity Program that was managed by Lux Performance.  

My most memorable moment would have to be in the 2010 Viper Cup season, it was when we were at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah, one of our celebrity drivers for the weekend was Ralph Gilles the CEO of Dodge.

Matt Bejnarowicz

Name: Matt Bejnarowicz
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Crewmember Since: 2005
Responsibilities: Engineer

Matt joined the team because of his love for racing and the challenges that exist in vehicle dynamics.

His favorite memory is running 1/2 at the 2006 SCCA National Championship Runoffs (which of course, was followed by an immediate low)