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In 1994, Cindi Lux established Lux Performance Group, LLC after a 10-year tenure at Toyota Motors Sales, USA headquarters in California. Working a successful corporate life in Los Angeles helped Lux create Lux Performance Group, now based in Portland, Oregon, with a blend of business excellence and automotive passion.

Lux Performance Group, LLC presents a unique, single point of contact for those interested in any automotive or motorsports program. With Cindi’s skill set leaning towards the marketing and driving side of the automotive industry, she oversees the business aspects of the company. This includes consulting services in the many different areas of today’s motorsports world such as media events, public relations and public speaking as well as team startup and development, sponsorship relations, authoring pieces for magazines and event coordination. As a professional racer with 12 championships to her credit, Cindi also brings a valuable driver’s perspective and test driving ability to the equation. Few in the industry have the background and the ability to perform such a wide-range of services so skillfully.

Teaming with Cindi is her creative husband Fred Lux. From 1986-'92, Fred headed the Mitsubishi factory efforts in multiple professional road racing, street-stock series winning several championships. Mitsubishi also called on their North American expert to oversee victories at Baja and in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Beyond motorsports, Fred Lux, who is considered not only a mechanical but also an electronics genius, has worked with Boyd Coddington to create special project cars for Mitsubishi. A brilliant engineer, Fred also assists robotics companies in the design, develop and building of unmanned robots for military and police use.

Lux Performance Group provides full-service race services and custom components to both club level and professional series drivers. Their truly unique and eclectic background provides a limitless realm of possibility in the any area of car construction – including custom fabrication, specialty safety structures, platform development, hybrid technologies and electric motor specialization – as well as business plan development and implementation. A true “one stop shop” for all things automotive.

Lux Performance

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