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Fuel Up! Caffeine And Octane Event at Road America

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Lux Performance Group is hosting their 2nd annual “Fuel Up! Caffeine and Octane” event at Road America on Friday August 24th from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.  Come join them at the Lux Performance transporter in the Trans Am paddock for some FREE coffee, music, posters and other awesome swag to take home.  Drivers Cindi Lux and Dirk Leuenberger will be on-hand to answer questions and share stories, show you the cars and talk about the upcoming Trans Am race.


Test Session 1: 8:50 - 9:30
Test Session 2: 11:20 - 12:00
Practice 1: 2:30 - 3:00

Practice 2: 10:45 - 11:15
Qualifying: 5:00 - 5:20

Race: 10:10 - 11:20

Cindi Lux Shows the Heat at Indy

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Aloha, Oregon, June 19, 2018| Cindi Lux wasted little time reminding the Trans Am Series Presented by Pirelli that she was back in the cockpit. The 12-time road racing champion earned a podium-finish in her first race of 2018 campaigning the No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACRX Fueled by Black Rock Coffee at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS). The Aloha, Oregon-resident overcame the intense heat and the competition to earn third-place in the TA3 class during the 42-lap race on the 2.439-mile, 13-turn road course in Speedway, Indiana. The June 17 race is the first of six Trans Am races scheduled for the season by the husband-wife duo of Fred and Cindi Lux.

The popular driver from the Northwest could not have chosen a more challenging race to make her return to the cockpit. With the ambient temperature exceeding 90-degrees Fahrenheit and the track surface burning at 144 F the race would be as much a fight with the conditions as with the other 32 cars on track. The V10 rumbling in front of her is a great tool on the straights of the Indy road course – including the iconic front straightaway run backwards of the famous layout of the Indianapolis 500 – but horsepower and torque numbers quickly gave way to the number on the thermometer.

Having qualified an impressive fourth-in-class, as the 70-minute race charged toward the checkered flag, Cindi found herself deep in a battle for third-place. The heat began to take its toll on competitors with caution periods caused by overheating machines and drivers slowing the pace. With the slow laps behind the safety car, the temperature inside the American supercar would scream upward as the massive engine heat-soaked the cockpit. Remarkably, data recorded inside the Viper coupe documented a sustained high exceeding 155 F.

Despite the soaring temperatures, Cindi dug deep within herself to stay up on the wheel capturing third-place when the track went green. Despite the unrelenting heat causing a slick track, which abused the Pirelli racing tires, which in-turn required more concentration and physical manipulation of the car, Cindi held on to score her 12th career Trans Am Series podium. She has two previous victories.

A tape-delayed broadcast of the event can be found on the CBS Sports Network at 2:00p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. in the Portland area on Sunday, July 1. Lux Performance Group will contest its next Trans Am Series event, August 2 – 5 at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex in Pennsylvania.

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Quotes |

Fred Lux, Team Principal/Engineer, Lux Performance Group Viper ACRX | “You definitely know you’re at Indy when you see the wave of ‘yellow shirts’ [Indianapolis Motor Speedway security guards] in the paddock trying to help. But it is good to be back at The Speedway and back racing. We could have chosen somewhere other than the surface of the Sun to do it though. The Motec electronics showed a cockpit temperature of 157 degrees [Fahrenheit] during the race. So, I am glad to say my wife is no longer half baked, she is fully cooked now. It was a race of attrition with the crazy heat. We made the most of that and brought home a podium against some strong competition.”

Cindi Lux, Driver, No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACRX | “It took me a while to knock off the rust and get up on the wheel after being out of the car so long. So I was a little disappointed in myself on the test day. It all came back smoother on Saturday. I don’t think I was ever so happy to see a checkered flag than I was on Sunday. I was melting inside the car. I didn’t really want to know the cockpit temperature of the car during the race. It was brutal but when we were green I was able to focus and work my way up to the podium. That is a solid start to the year and the Viper really showed itself well. Our car being the heaviest and probably the hottest is a true testament to Dodge building a great car. It never missed a beat. It’s nice to be back in Trans Am. We’ve missed being out here with this group. But, note to self: don’t drive a black race car with a 10-cylinder motor mounted in the front.”

Cindi Faces Down Cancer, Trans Am Series Competition Next

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Aloha, Oregon, May 16, 2018 | Cindi Lux has battled head-to-head with hundreds of competitors on the race track over her career. With 12 road racing championships on her resume, it is clear that the Aloha, Oregon-resident has been the winner more often than not. Amidst her 2017 Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli season, Lux was dive-bombed by an unexpected competitor: colon cancer. The multi-time Trans Am race winner faced the disease the same way she faces her competition in the No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACRX Fueled by Black Rock Coffee, she tightened her belts and attacked it head-on. With the cancer faced down, Cindi is now ready to take-on the 2018 Trans Am TA3 class with a renewed energy that is sure to worry her racing rivals.

When veteran and versatile racer, John Andretti  went public with his fight against colon cancer last year it forever changed the life of the former Dodge factory driver. Lux followed the advice of Andretti’s #Checkit4Andretti campaign and had a colonoscopy last fall. The results found cancer. 

Like the champion she is, Lux faced the disease with her usual lighthearted but focused intensity. Upon reviewing the options for treatment, Lux scheduled surgery for September 26 – just two days after winning the TA3 class race at VIRginia International Raceway (VIR) – with chemotherapy planned for late October through January. Having just started chemo one week prior and unsure of the physical toll the chemicals would take, Lux chose safety over bravado, quietly sitting out what was scheduled to be her 2017 Trans Am season finale at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in early November. Despite not driving, she maintained a full workload at the track as a team principal and driving coach for Dirk Leuenberger (Seattle, Washington) in Austin.

With the 2017 racing season put to bed, Lux and husband Fred began the joint task of battling the cancer and preparing for 2018. As the chemo killed the cancer it left Cindi with several of the well-known side effects. She fought through those continuing to work the business side of Lux Performance and her training routine for returning to the car. With the impact of the chemo fading following the final treatment in the first month of the year, Lux increased her training schedule pushing to the regain strength lost and to force the residue of the treatments from her mind and muscles. Progress was steady and Lux got her first laps behind the wheel of the black and red V10-powered American muscle car in April at Portland International Raceway (PIR). She returns to her home track to prepare for the season with a three-day test this week. Lux will make her competition debut in the Viper at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, June 14 – 17. 

Quotes |

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Cindi Lux, Driver, No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACRX | 

About the impact on her life | “This was a total wake-up call in life. I tried to approach it like I do anything: stay positive, put your head down and fight like hell. It makes you stronger. I am more focused on things now than I was before. You truly do find out what you have in you and what those around you mean. Fred is such a strong person and kept me laughing through the whole process. He is my rock.”

About announcing the cancer now | “John [Andretti] chose to go public with it and I really respect that. It saved my life that he did. Everyone approaches this differently and, for Fred and me, we wanted to keep it quieter. The hardest part was not telling all my friends in the paddock at the time because you know they care for you. I didn’t want a pity party though. That has never been my style. Now that we have overcome it and we are back on-track stronger and more committed to win than ever before, I wanted to step-up and show people that this is far from a death sentence. My message is simple: get checked people! If there is one thing I ask from all my family, friends and fans, get checked now!”

About the future | “This will not define me but it will make me a better person. Life is now back on track and somewhat normal. But the word ‘grateful’ has a whole new meaning. Getting back into the race car is my happy place and it is so relaxing and rewarding too. From the moment of the diagnosis my target was very simple and remains the same: be ready for Indy. It has energized me for the future and I can’t wait to put this Black Rock Coffee Bar Viper back on the top step of the Trans Am podium.” 

Cindi Makes 2018 Debut at Indianapolis Trans Am Race

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Aloha, Oregon, June 11, 2018 | Having endured one of the longest off-seasons of her impressive career, Cindi Lux is ready to get back on track. The Aloha, Oregon-resident now gets a chance to bring her 2018 Trans Am Series Presented by Pirelli season to life with the push of the button on her No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACRX Fueled by Black Rock Coffee. When the V10 roars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) this weekend, Lux will tighten the safety belts and race to the reach the world’s most famous victory lane and “kiss the bricks”.  The 100-mile Trans Am race for the TA3 class, as well as the TA and TA4 classes, on the Indy road course in Speedway, Indiana will take the green flag on Sunday June 17.

Lux Performance Group has opted to focus on a six-race Trans Am Series schedule in 2018 for Cindi. The Fred and Cindi Lux-owned operation returns with the Dodge-built Viper, which the Aloha, Oregon-based team has developed and become synonymous with since 2005. The black and red ACRX engineered by Fred will take on the 2.439-mile, 13-turn road course at Indy beginning with a test session on Friday, June 15. Running clockwise – counter the oval made famous by the Indianapolis 500 – the permanent road course utilizes large portions of the oval including nearly the whole front straightaway as well as a purpose-built infield sections. Cindi made her first laps on the track last season and has some unfinished business after mechanical gremlins forced an early retirement. 

The 42-lap, multi-class race will cover a distance of 102.06-miles with a 70-minute time limit. Official practice begins on Saturday, June 16 at 11:00 a.m. ET. A 15-minute qualifying session for the 33-cars across the three classes is scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Trans Am will take to the grid at 2:50 p.m. on Sunday, June 17 followed by a Father’s Day green flag at 3:15 p.m. 

In 2017, Lux ran her fourth partial season in the Trans Am championship. Despite entering only a handful of the races, the 12-time road racing champion took a class victory at the VIRginia International Raceway (VIR) and won the “Cool-Shirt Cool Move of the Race Award” in the process. She took class pole position at Watkins Glen International with a track record in the Viper ACRX and made her track debut at Indianapolis. 

Continuing its history of long-term partner relationships, Lux Performance returns with Black Rock Coffee Bar in 2018. The ever-growing chain of coffee specialists has locations in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Idaho. Lux Performance Group and Cindi continue as ambassadors of the brand around North America helping to fulfill Black Rock’s core philosophy to “Fuel Your Story””; a campaign focused on connecting and benefiting everyone in the community with interaction and communication. Black Rock has helped “fuel” Lux’s story, and Lux theirs, since 2011.

Joining Black Rock on the No. 45 Viper will again be CoolShirt, Forgeline Wheels and MCS Shocks.

The race is the second of 2018 to be live-streamed through the Trans Am web site (www.GoTransAm.com). A tape-delayed broadcast of the event can be seen on the CBS Sports Network at 2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. in the Portland area on Sunday, July 1. 

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Cindi Lux, Driver, No. 45 Lux Performance Group Dodge Viper ACRX | About 2018 | “2018 is all about fueling our story. Lux Performance has always been about going out there, tightening the belts and putting the right foot to the floor. We’ve done some off season testing but nothing beats going head-to-head with the best in the Trans Am paddock… I have missed it. We have been testing some new parts this spring and we have yet to dial things in.  But the team has thrown the kitchen sink at the car with some changes and my fingers are crossed. I am chomping at the bit to start turning laps that mean something.”