Portland-based Black Rock Introduces Cindi Lux Fuel Roast for Rose Festival Week

ALOHA, Ore., May 28, 2013 – Just over three years ago, Cindi Lux drove up to the window of a new local coffee shop that had an edgy, warm feeling. Inside, she found her usual “cup of Joe” was anything but usual. The Aloha, Ore-resident and avid coffee drinker had found her personal fuel at that Black Rock Coffee Bar. Shortly after, the 12-time road-racing champion met Black Rock’s Head of Operations Daniel Brand and a friendship was formed on a commitment to the community, fast cars and perfectly blended coffee. In 2011, Black Rock (www.BlackRockCoffeeBar.com) dipped its stir stick into motorsports marketing with Lux Performance Group, LLC, the race and road performance tuning shop owned by Cindi Lux and her husband Fred, at the Rose Festival’s annual Rose Cup races at Portland International Raceway (PIR). The resulting success spawned even more in year two and now the combination returns for a third consecutive year at the 53rd Annual Portland Rose Festival Rose Cup Races with Lux again piloting the No. 5 SRT Viper Competition Coupe Fueled by Black Rock Coffee.

The first year of the marketing partnership came together relatively late before the June event – scheduled this year for June 14-16 – preventing the marketing-minded collaboration to fully exploit the opportunity. For the second year, Black Rock extended its involvement with more on-site and in-store activation. Now, with proof that backing the Oregon Motorsports Museum Association Lifetime Achievement Award-recipient grows community spirit and brand identity, Black Rock has crafted a special blend of beans to create the “Cindi Lux Fuel Roast by Black Rock Coffee Bar”. The unique blend of coffee will be available at all Portland-area Black Rock Coffee Bars for the week of the Rose Cup Festival. Special giveaways, including autograph cards and t-shirts, will also help extend the brand’s presence and association with Lux Performance Group.

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Black Rock will host a special Rose Cup Appreciation Day at its SE 164th Ave location in Vancouver, Washington on June 1. The location was chosen to underscore the massive regional impact of the Rose Cup Festival and the 53rd running of the Rose Cup races. Cindi Lux will be onsite with the No. 5 SRT Viper Competition Coupe Fueled by Black Rock Coffee. The event will take place from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The Portland Rose Festival's Rose Cup Races have become a tradition in the Northwest as closely tied to the annual city celebration as any other activity. The Father’s Day weekend-tradition is the region’s largest gathering of SCCA and club racers with over 400 drivers and cars entered in a variety of races and classes. The 45-minute Rose Cup feature race is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, June 16.

Black Rock Coffee Bar roasts its premium blend of coffee locally ensuring the freshest espresso possible. Endeavoring to find the perfect balance of flavors, Black Rock pushes the boundaries of what is possible with the daily cup of ‘Joe’, to stir things up a bit and to throw a little edge on the coffee biz. Black Rock brewed its first coffee at its first store in Beaverton in early 2008. Today, they span from Seattle to San Diego with nine Black Rock stores in the Portland-area and continued substantial growth planned in the coming months.

Cindi Lux, Driver, No. 5 SRT Viper Competition Coupe Fueled by Black Rock Coffee: “For those who know me, yes I am a coffee snob and it’s so fun to be part of a family-owned business like Black Rock Coffee Bar. I am looking forward to racing more in 2013. Being in the driver’s seat is so relaxing for me especially when I get the chance to wheel around in the SRT Viper. It’s a magical car to race. I am just honored that I am the one behind the wheel!”

On the partnership with Black Rock: “Exposing new people to this company is really fun. Not only from a quality beverage standpoint but also to prospective franchise owners who see the future potential of the Black Rock brand. I am really looking forward to hanging with the Black Rock employees, owners and fans again during the Rose Cup weekend. They are the most fun to be around of any partner I’ve ever worked with. They do a great job and love it while they do it. It is one of the things that makes Black Rock so successful and one of the first things that drew me into the company. The people are genuine and they are great. Coffee is an extremely competitive business in the Northwest. They have the same insane dedication to make BR the best coffee in the West Coast as I do towards winning races.”

On the Cindi Lux Fuel Roast by Black Rock Coffee Bar: “My family and friends always said I should have my own coffee and now I do! How great is it to have my own line of special blend roasted coffee being offered for sale here in the Northwest? How cool is that? It just knocks me out!”

Daniel Brand, Head of Operations, and Black Rock Coffee Bar:
On the partnership with Lux Performance Group and Cindi Lux: “Lux Performance Group and Black Rock Coffee Bar have core fundamental values that lineup to make this work on all levels. Cindi and Black Rock share common goals in getting involved with our communities and making a difference. Taking each and every situation that comes along and attacking it with all we have to make it the best! At the end of the day it's not just about coffee or racing, but about living for the moment and enjoying them while you have them.

Black Rock is celebrating its fifth year in business. We are grateful for the success of 14 stores and what looks to be like 20 by the end of 2013! Big Thanks to Cindi and Fred Lux for seeing a partner in us, to work as a team to actively be involved with Black Rock and always strive for greatness and achieve big things!”

On what Black Rock gains from the partnership: “The Rose Cup offers us an opportunity to interact with our customers in a very unique setting. The race environment is so distinctive and to let individuals experience it is incredible! To see what it takes in years of experience of Cindi and the Lux Performance team to go out and give their all to win!”

On the Cindi Lux Fuel Roast Blend: “Cindi and our lead roaster have profiled coffees from around the world and created a blend that shows the artistry and performance of coffee and racing together to fuel your day every morning! Cindi enjoys drinking our Black Label Coffee that represents strength and boldness. This Vienna-style roast has stark flavor contrasts, full body and rich undertones. Like Cindi, this roast is a classic! All Portland area stores will be carrying the limited edition ‘Cindi Lux Fuel Roast by Black Rock Coffee Bar’, along with our online store, and at the race itself!”