Black Rock Coffee Bar

Black Rock Coffee Bar

The Black Rock Coffee Bar Concept is the brainchild of over 60 years of experience in various areas of the coffee industry as well as the construction and real estate industries.  The long-term goal of Black Rock Coffee Bar is to populate the United States and abroad with this attractive and lucrative concept. Bringing a sophisticated style to an industry not known for sophistication, Black Rock plans to compete with corporate coffee across America while keeping a hometown local feel.

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Blowsion Kolors debuted in 1989 by the master creator John Dady. Being intense enthusiasts of personal watercraft, motocross, and motor sports racing (among many others), they wanted creative designs on their equipment that reflected their terrific imaginations and lifestyles. Not only does John paint all of Cindi's personal helmets but he also designed her BMW paint job.  Check it out under club racing.

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Darkhorse Autosport

Founded in 1997, Darkhorse Autosport has worked in multiple auto racing series and in several areas of promotion. A creative firm, Darkhorse breaks from the traditional and seeks out innovative and unique approaches to promote and advance its clientele. Cindi met the owner of Darkhorse Autosport, Tom Moore in 1999 in the American Le Mans Series.

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Miller High Performance Driving School

Miller High Performance Driving School

The world's top racing drivers often consult with driving instructors. And when those top drivers show up at Miller Motorsports Park, one of the instructors they're likely to get is Cindi. If you sign up for one of the high performance schools, you too could wind up with Cindi as your instructor.

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Nike Racing

For the best product for any athlete, people have to go with Nike. They have the best racing shoes in the business for both the driver and crew. The ultimate driving shoe for all forms of motorsports including the past four NASCAR Winston Cup Champions and the current NASCAR Busch Series Champion.

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Red Line Oil

From the small warehouse it started in during the year of 1979, Red Line lubricants have been used in all forms of motorsports world wide including SCCA, NASCAR, Winston Cup, Formula 1, CART and SPEED World Challenge. In two decades of developing and marketing the best lubricants in the world, the Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation has established that its products out perform.

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Rockin B Digital

Rockin B Digital

Since the start of the 2005 racing season, we have been using the services of Rockin B Digital as our team photographer, graphic artist and web site administrator.

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Since 1995, Slacker Incorporated has showcased the creativity, attitude and spirit of a brand through grassroots marketing and motorsports. Originally started as a clothing line, the company quickly moved into vehicle graphics and apparel for race teams across the country. The products and services have expanded over the years to include embroidery, screen printing, logo design and marketing activation.

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Venice Nutrition

Venice Nutrition is a science based program that focuses on keeping blood sugar levels stable in athletes. They teach a three step process to educate individuals on how to work nutrition, fitness, and overall health permanently into their lifestyle. And being on the road is demanding enough but also the physical stresses of racing on the track requires 100% focus. And properly fueling the body of a race car driver is just as important as the race car. Venice Nutrition has helped Cindi become strong on and off the race track. The program is centered on personal lifestyle, food choices, and health goals.

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Viper Headquarters

Viper MagazineViper ACR-X

Dodge delivers extreme performance that stems from more than 50 years of development, from legendary HEMI© muscle cars of the 50s and 60s to the Viper SRT-10 we're racing now. We've got massive power and it's definitely a thrill ride!

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